Saturday, October 22, 2011

State of the Nexus, 2011-10-21

In preparation for the time commitments of NaNoWriMo, and also to get myself acclimated to the schedule of updating several blogs more than once a week, I've changed the update schedule for Fictional Matters, Watches to Wear, and Goods to Buy to every Wednesday and Saturday.  Things might drop off sometimes in the course of November, as I'm expecting this year's project to well exceed the 50k-word minimum, and I'm planning to do my best to get a complete first draft done by Nov. 30th.  With just over a week to go before November, I've begun reviewing my old notes and conducting new research to make sure I have the background and milieu information that I'll need, and will probably start working through some preliminary outlines in the last days of October.

At the same time, I've completed the sketches for my first doujinshi and am now about a fifth of the way into inking the pages.  I expect the inking to go more quickly than the sketching, but everything that comes after that - screentones, drawing in word bubbles, etc. - will be completely new territory for me, and I'm not sure how quickly that will go.  As much as I hoped to get the doujinshi e-published by the end of October, allowing it to do its thing while I'm plunking away at NaNoWriMo, I'm doubtful it'll be ready in time.  
I'll arrange to post some of the work I've done for the doujinshi on the Nexus in the near future, and will start experimenting with digital "painting" techniques and software with the goal of producing the doujinshi's cover art in a more colorful medium. 

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