About the Nexus

The Nexus of Misc is designed as a hub for the varied interests of its creator:  watches (Watches to Wear), pens and keyboards (The Mightiest Pens), buying and selling things online (Goods to Buy), anime and manga (Otaku Eye), storytelling and illustration (Fictional Matters).  While each subset blog works on a stand-alone basis, the Nexus provides those whose interests largely or completely coincide with this wide panoply of topics an easy way to keep up to date on the goings on of the blogs of the Nexus of Misc Collective.

The Nexus Pledge

Each member blog of the Nexus of Misc Blog Collective utilizes AdSense and related advertisement technologies, but vows to keep the ads to the sidelines and ensure that content always comes first.  You'll never encounter any pop ups or misguiding ads meant to coerce or trick you into clicking them.  The ads you see will be generated in part by your own browsing history and also by the content displayed on this site.  Ideally, if Google and company do what they're supposed to, you'll encounter ads that offer products and services that genuinely appeal to you.  Whether you click on them or not is entirely up to you.

Nexus of Misc member blogs will also occasionally feature affiliate links when linking to products available on Amazon.com other other online purveyors.  The Nexus Writer receives a percentage from every sale that results from those links, and does hope that those readers who find the products described here interesting would consider using those affiliate links, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so.  The Nexus Writer will only affiliate link to products and services that the Writer genuinely recommends, and any post reviewing the objects of those links will present both the benefits and disadvantages as viewed by the Writer.  While making money on product recommendations is always nice, the Nexus's primary goal in presenting affiliated links is to publicize and provide access to the products and services that the Writer has used or owned and personally recommends.  

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