Thursday, October 13, 2011

State of the Nexus, 2011-10-13

In each State of the Nexus post, I'll be addressing (on a monthly to bi-weekly basis) the goings on in the Nexus Blog Collective and other Natty Words ventures. 

This month, work has continued apace to get the core three blogs on a regular post schedule.  I'd decided on a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday update schedule, but may look into a Wednesday-Saturday twice-a week approach until I get the pacing right withour neglecting other projects.

The primary project this month is getting the doujinshi I began in September finished and on the market.  What originally had been conceived of as a 16-18 pager became 30 in my initial storyboarding, and is likely to make that mark, as I've just finished the rough sketch for page 26.  I'm not sure there'll be a market for it, but it's something that I've been meaning to do for a while now, and a great way to force myself to get more familiar with my digital drawing tools and drawing more frequently in general.  I have a couple of sequels loosely in mind if this one manages to attract enough custom, and ultimately the skills I hone in working on these doujin will eventually be put to use in penning a longer, more serious work.

Also on the agenda for October is laying the necessary groundwork for this year's NaNoWriMo project, codenamed "Wander."  It's actually a story idea I've had for more than ten years now.  But I'd tabled it because I felt I needed more experience before tackling something so ambitious and different from the sf/f fare I usually work with.  With several NaNoWriMos under my belt, though, now may be the time.  I need to line up the story arcs with historical dates and events, and flesh out the plot details, but I'm optimistic about my chances of NaNoWriMoing a successful rough draft.

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